EX9053-MTCP - 12-channel digital input, 4-channel digital output Digital I/O Module



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The EX9053-MTCP is a high-density I/O module built-in a 10/100 based-T interface for seamless Ethernet connectivity. It provides 12 digital input and 4 digital output channels with 3750Vrms Isolating protection.
All of the Digital Input channels support input latch function for important signal handling. Mean while, these DI channels allow to be used as 1 KHz counter. Opposite to the intelligent DI functions, the Digital Output channels also support pulse output function.


Digital input
Channels: 12
Logic 0: Close to GND (Dry) / 0 VDC to +2 VDC (Wet)
Logic 1: Open (Dry) / +5 VDC to 30 VDC (Wet)
Isolation: 3750 V
Digital output
Channels: 8 Open Collector to +5~30V / 500 mA max load
General specification
Power consumption: 1.8 W