RS232 to RS422/RS485 Converter

Professional RS422 / RS485 converters for industrial use. The modules are isolated for use in wide temperature range.

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Our ExpertDAQ RS422 / RS485 converters have been developed for professional use in the industry. Every RS232 to RS422 / RS485 converter can be employed in a wide temperature range. The Baudrate is recognized automatically, so no Dipp-switch is needed. The interfaces of our ExpertDAQ RS232 to RS422 converters and the RS232 to RS485 converters are isolated from each other. Once the signal is converted to RS485, it is possible to use up to a 1200m long cable . Whether a RS232 connection or a RS422 / RS485 Feldbus network has been connected, it will be automatically recognized. The parameters and the direction of the transmission are recognized automatically. Cap-rails and wall supporters are delivered with your purchase.

With the help of RS232 - RS422 / RS485 Converters signals can be converted from RS232 to RS422 / RS485 what minimizes signal distortion. Furthermore the maximum cable length gets enlarged from a few meters for RS232 to up to 1200m without any more repeaters for RS422 / RS485.

  • Wide temperature range (-25°C to 75°C)
  • Auto baud rate recognition (no Dipp-switch needed)
  • In- and Output are isolated
  • RS422 / RS485 range up to 1200m
  • Transmission parameters for RS232 / RS422 / RS485 are recognized automatically or may be configured via webinterface
  • Auto flow recognition
  • Cap-rails and wall-supporters are delivered with purchase.